Compliance Simplified

A simplified Solution for Providers needing to get in compliance. 

The Compliance Simplified solution provides our clients with the fundamentals of a compliance program, nothing more and nothing less. It is ideal for providers that would like to take a do-it-yourself approach to the maintenance of their compliance programs.  If this sounds like a good fit for your organization and you would like more information, contact us. 


Compliance Plan 

Annual compliance plan customized to the unique design of your organization.

Policies & Procedure Updates

Template policy and procedure updates on a monthly basis, based on changes in best practices, surveyor guidance, and regulations.

Monthly newsletter containing regulatory news and issues of industry concern.

Guidance statements on new regulatory topics when applicable.

Education & Training

Annual all-staff compliance training via webinar.

Annual all-staff HIPAA training via webinar.

Materials for annual all-staff compliance training.

Materials for annual all-staff HIPAA training.


Hosting of compliance hotline and relaying of transcribed hotline calls within your organization. 

Tools for your organization to conduct an annual compliance program assessment.

Tools for your organization to conduct an annual HIPAA risk assessment.

Risk Assessments & Auditing

Monitoring & Reporting

Staff compliance survey regarding knowledge of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Templates for your use in preparing and presenting initial, quarterly, and annual reports to your organization’s leadership on the state of compliance.