Case Study: MDS Assessment & Training


A skilled nursing facility (SNF) had hired a new Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator.  To ensure her success, the SNF’s administrator called Compliagent to provide comprehensive MDS training in the following areas:  determining residents’ functional capabilities; formulating and implementing care plans in conformance with federal and state regulations and documentation guidelines; and, MDS assessments pursuant to Medicare reporting guidelines and ethical business practices.

Compliagent’s Actions:  Our Certified Resident Assessment Coordinator provided extensive MDS 3.0 Resident Assessment Instrument training for the new MDS Coordinator.  During the process of covering initial, quarterly, annual, and change of condition assessments, our trainer confirmed the MDS Coordinator’s understanding of the processes by responding to representative case studies and Q&A.  We supported the hands-on sessions with telephone consultations for the following ninety days.  To address any deficiencies, a one-day validation audit of the MDS Coordinator’s performance and interviews of two MDS nurses were conducted approximately ninety days after completion of the initial training.

Outcomes:  Through the 90-day validation audit and nurse interviews, we confirmed our training provided a strong foundation for the new MDS Coordinator.  Our review of patient charts confirmed that the new MDS Coordinator was capably performing her job duties at a level that qualified her for a promotion. As a bonus to our client, our trainer was forthcoming with recommendations to improve the SNF’s performance based on knowledge gained during her interactions with various staff.


“I was very impressed with Compliagent’s MDS trainer’s expertise and teaching ability. Her trainee seems confident in her duties as she continues to learn through experience.”


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