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AHC Media: Hospital Investigating After ESPN Publishes Football Player’s Medical Record

Compliagent CEO Nick Merkin was quoted in AHC Media's online publication on a recent potential HIPAA breach by an ESPN reporter. Nick states that "as a legal matter, the press is not covered by HIPAA."

4.5 Million Patients Affected in UCLA Health System Data Breach

Chad Terhune at the Los Angeles Times reported that following the colossal breach at Anthem Inc. that affected over 80 million Americans this past year, hackers found a simple loophole in UCLA Health System’s security and exploited it.

Knowing the Difference Between HIPAA Compliance and EHR Compliance

A lot of healthcare entities mistakenly think that if they are covered for EHR HIPAA compliance, then that coverage extends to all of HIPAA’s regulations as well. But, as experts have shown in recent years, HIPAA compliance and EHR compliance are two completely different umbrellas, even if you may be caught in the same storm.

OCR Attorney: Last Year’s HIPAA Fines Will “Pale in Comparison” to Next Twelve Months

In the last year, OCR has imposed record fines on many healthcare entities so as to push the agenda. Since June 1, 2013, nine settlements have amounted to more than $10 million. OCR’s clampdown on HIPAA violations over the next year will be unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years.