Compliagent's CEO, Nick Merkin, Guests on a Special Episode of Healthicity's Podcast Series Entitled, "An Attorney Talks Compliance."

Nick Merkin, CEO of Compliagent, chats with compliance expert CJ Wolf from his office in sunny California about compliance from an attorney’s perspective.  

Merkin explained why it’s so important for organizations to see compliance from an attorney’s perspective. And how his unique point of view provides an additional layer of protection from compliance violations. In this compelling interview, Merkin explains how organizing compliance functions is, “worth its weight in gold.”

Tune in to this podcast, An Attorney Talks Compliance, to find out how to:

  • Focus Compliance on Processes and Infrastructure

  • Organize Compliance Functions to Protect Against Litigation

  • Mitigate Legal Liabilities That Might Arise in Healthcare

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to see compliance from an attorney’s perspective

Posted on April 3, 2017 .