2016-2017 SNF Rates Published -- Payout Increases Over $148 Million

Final 2016-2017 SNF rates were published on the AB1629 website on January 9, 2017. In total, this year's global rate cap increase of 3.62 percent, plus add-ons, results in an additional $148 million dollars for SNFs.

Based on the January 9, 2017 publication date, the SNF rates will be uploaded to the Medi-Cal provider master file within 30-60 days. Once loaded to the provider master file, members should begin receiving payment based on the final 2016-2017 rates.

At that time, an erroneous paid claims (EPC) notice will be created to adjust all claims to agree with the final published rates. The EPC process will take approximately six to nine months to complete and will re-adjudicate claims from the beginning of the rate year (August 1, 2016) to the date the rates are loaded into the provider master file.

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Posted on January 30, 2017 .