Technical Consultant

Bret is a technical consultant with 25 years of experience with the merged companies of Digital Equipment Corporation/Compaq/Hewlett Packard.   He’s a skilled troubleshooter, helping businesses of all sizes pinpoint and solve problems.   Over the years, Bret has held several technical certifications including MCSE in Windows NT and 2000, ASE HP StorageWorks and IBM CATE AIX and p5 Virtualization.  He has worked with different operating systems and their storage; from proprietary DEC interfaces to SCSI, Fibrechannel and iSCSI.   Bret is a big proponent of virtualization whether it be Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Redhat KVM or IBM PowerVM.  He has worked with businesses over the phone and in person in North America, South America and Europe.  Bret has also authored and presented training to his fellow employees and customers as well as writing custom documentation for customers.

Bret loves to travel and enjoys nature.  He is a scuba diver and occasionally rides a hang glider or a parachute, loves music and sunshine.